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KY’s Turtle Catcher


this isn’t an accurate portrayal of kentucky, but it reminded me of the man in vernon, florida.


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Prof. Ingram mentioned in class seeing the real Norma Rae’s obituary. The movie was based on Crystal Lee Sutton who passed away at age 68. The top two articles have touching last lines. 🙂

New York Times

The Buffalo News

The Washington Post

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The following links are to an ABC documentary from the 80s (as we can tell from the show host’s amazing glasses!) about Gone with the Wind. It provides lots of interesting history. Does the content of the documentary touch on any of the topics you discussed in your memo?

Casting Scarlett:

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Without Sanctuary


image from withoutsanctuary.org

image from withoutsanctuary.org



I’m linking the website we looked at in class last Thursday: www.withoutsanctuary.org. I find the images overwhelming, and this blog can be a space to discuss them if you’d like.

I watched the movie that’s narrated by the collector of the photographs, James Allen, and this quote stood out to me:

“These photos provoke a strong sense of denial in me, and a desire to freeze my emotions. In time, I realize that my fear of the other is fear of myself. Then these portraits, torn from other family albums, become the portraits of my own family and of myself.”

I’m wondering, how does my knowledge of this history of brutality shape my identity? I come from a white, middle-class Southern family. We have never discussed lynching, and any mention of slavery has created tension. What role does this silence play in my understanding of my family’s background?

These are just my questions–please feel free to leave comments and ask your own. What emotions do these images evoke for you? How does the content of this site relate to Birth of a Nation and/or Within Our Gates?

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